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“High Mental Health Diploma Students Conduct Online Case Study”

High Mental Health Diploma Students Conduct Online Case Study
GCMHP Unit of Academic and Professional Programmes arranged on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 an online case study session for the high mental health diploma students – cohort 2020.
The clinical case was studied by 15 female and male students under the supervision of a group of GCMHP academics.
The session, held online due to the emergency situation of Covid-19 pandemic, was also attended by DR Basel Al-Khudari, from the Islamic University Department of Psychology.
Among the supervisors were also Dr Taysir Diab, GCMHP Deputy of Director General; Dr Sami Oweida, Head of Gaza Community Center; and psychologist Nour Abdelwahed.
Student Nour Jarada, made a presentation about the case during the meeting which lasted around three hours.
Case study sessions, which are held once a week, aim at providing the students with practical skills on how to deal with clinical mental health cases.