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“Professional Supervision Meeting”

Professional Supervision Meeting
GCMHP Training and Scientific Research Department convened on Thursday, September 10, 2020, a meeting for its trainers of professional supervision and others from different civil society organizations in order to enhance communication between them and to provide them professional support.
The meeting, conducted online, aimed at providing professionals with support during their work in the emergency situation of Covid-19 pandemic.
The professionals had the space to discuss the challenges they face in providing distant services to their clients, a protocol they had to adopt due to the recent pandemic outbreak in the Gaza Strip.
Among the challenges they discussed were the disruption of their session due the cut off of power and internet supplies and the absence of a proper work environment as they do their work from home as well as the difficulty in delivering medicines to the clients.
They also expressed the stress they work under as their working hours and social lives have become intertwined in the emergency situation, which resulted in changing their life routines. Add to that their fears of catching the disease and spreading it among their loved ones, especially the elderly who are more vulnerable.
The professionals together with their supervisors explored all the possible ways to facilitate their work and to ease the stressful situation under which they work and how to maintain self-care so as to continue to be able to provide support for the others.
At end of the meeting the attendees agreed on starting a training on professional supervision in the coming few weeks.