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“GCMHP Provides Mental Health Training for Medical Staff at Rehabilitation Centres”


With the aim of enhancing mental health knowledge  of professionals working in the Military Medical Services, so as to help them properly deal with inmates at rehabilitation centres, based on human rights, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme finalized the provision of an advanced training course entitled ‘Mental Health for Medical Staff’ that targeted 13 personnel.   

The training was introduced by GCMHP’s Head of Academic Programme, Mr Mohammad Al-Zeer, who explained to the participants the value and the importance of the training.

The opening session was also attended by Mr Colonel General, Mohammad Salah, Director of the Military Medical Services; Mr Colonel Ihab Al-Dali, Director of Health Centres;  Mr Colonel Mahmoud Abu Reyalah, Director of Clinics at Rehabilitation Centres; and Mr Colonel Mohammad Al-Senwar, Assistant of Director General of Planning and Human Development.

14 medical professionals (doctors and nurses) from the Military Medical Services participated in the training, which was also attended by psychosocial workers from the Education Department of the Ministry of Health.

The training included 6 training sessions conducted over six weeks.        

The course included ‘Initial Psychological Assessment’, ‘the Most Common MH Medications’, ‘the Concepts of Self-care and Stress Management’, ‘Types of Self-Harm’, ‘Depression’, ‘Personality Disorder’, and ‘Fictitious Disorder’.