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“GCMHP Holds Needs Assessment Meeting with Administration of Women Rehabilitation Centers”


Pursuing the provision of wider access to mental health services, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has held a meeting with the administration of women’s Correction and Rehabilitation Centers   to assess the psychosocial needs of the inmates.

The meeting was attended by Ms Amal Noufal, Head of the Rehabilitation centres; and Ms Safaa Ismail, Ward Officer,  in addition to GCMHP delegation which included Ms Aisha Basyouni, Head of Project Unit; and Ms Asmaa Naim, Project Officer, who discussed the needs of the inmates and the cooperation steps between the two sides.

The two sides have agreed to conduct other follow-up meetings so as to have the arrangements through and start providing mental health services for both the inmates and the staff members at the rehabilitation centres and create a safe environment, where human rights are observed.