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“Cohort 2019 of High Mental Health Diploma Bid Farewell”

GCMHP Department of Training and Scientific Research arranged on Wednesday, March 23, 2021 a farewell party for 15 female and male mental health students, who finished their studies recently.

The students have finished in March 2021 their studies in high mental health diploma programme which GCMHP provides in cooperation with the faculty of Education of the Islamic University.

The ceremony, held after an assessment meeting run by Dr Suhaila Abu Jalala, was attended by GCMHP Director General, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei; Dr Taysir Diab, Deputy Director; Ms Rawya Hamam, Director of Training and Scientific Research Department; and Mr Mohammad Al-Zeer, Head of the Professional and Academic Programmes.

Dr Abu Jamei  addressed the students and whished them well in their personal and professional lives, reiterating that they had an important role to play in serving their  society and helping the people who direly need their assistance.

At the closing of the graduation ceremony, Dr Diab also delivered a brief speech to the audience in which he encouraged them to move forward with their professional lives, wishing them the best.

The graduates then were honoured and presented with graduation plaques.