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““GCMHP Holds Technical Meeting with Consortium of Donors””

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme conducted a regular technical meeting with the Consortium of Donors on Wednesday, 21 Apri,l 2021.

 The semi-virtual session aimed at discussing some administrative and technical issues and providing a briefing about the mental health situation in the Gaza Strip and COVID-19 updates.

The consortium representatives included Mr Thomas Jenatsch, Mr Hussam Manna’, and Mr Saliba Ajrab, Ms Nadine Nammari, all of whom from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC); and Mr Marius Djupedal and Mr Ghasan Al-Shakhsheer, from Norwegian Representative Office (NRO); and Ms. Christina Itzell and Ms. Rolla Daghash, from the General Consulate of Sweden in Jerusalem.

Attended the meeting from the GCMHP side Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, the General Director, Mr Qusai Abuodah, Director of External Relations and Resources Development Department, Ms Rawya Hamam the Director of Scientific Research and Training Department, as well as other heads of units.

Dr Abu Jamei started the meeting by welcoming the attendees and briefing them about the achievements made through last year and how the Programme had been working to overcome the challenges, especially those related to COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Jenatsch, Mr Djupedal and Ms Itzell thanked the Programme for its continued efforts of providing psychosocial support and interventions for the Palestinian community, expressing his admiration for the cooperation and the great results of the work done by the Programme.

Ms Rawya, then provided an update on the social and psychological situation of the people in the Gaza Strip, especially in the context of current pandemic. She also explained the recent developments in the Programme’s mental health interventions.

The meeting also included a discussion and a review of the annual financial and narrative reports 2020, the last external evaluation findings, and the internal and external audit process. The new strategic planning process was also discussed by all attendees.

At the end of the meeting the consortium of the donors thanked GCMHP for its hard work and dedication to continue providing its important interventions to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.