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“Coordinating Joint Intervention between GCMHP and Ministry of Social Development”

As part of the joint efforts being organized to provide immediate mental health intervention in crisis situation, Deputy Director of the General Family Affairs Department of the Social Development Ministry, Mr Mahmoud Mowafi visited Gaza Community Mental Health Programme on 31 May, 2021. 

The visit aimed at putting field plans and mechanisms of immediate intervention for both the people who have been affected by recent military offensive and also for the people who work at the front line.

Mr Wafi met with GCMHP Director General, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei; Mr Qusai Abu Odei, Director of External Relations and Resource Development Department; Rawia Hamam, Director of Training and Scientific Research Department; and Dr Suheila Abu Jalala.

During the meeting the provision of Psychological First Aid and referral techniques also were discussed as well as the arrangements for doing a joint MH research in cooperation with the ministry.