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“GCMHP Holds Annual General Assembly Meeting”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has held its annual general assembly meeting on Saturday, July 3, 2021 at Al-Mashtal Hotel in Gaza City, in the presence of the members of the Board of Directors, presided by Dr Mohammad Abu SHahla, and the heads of units and departments. The meeting was also attended by Mr Alaa Mortaja and Hani Daloul, representing the Ministry of Interior.

Director General of GCMHP, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei delivered an opening speech in which he welcomed the attendees, who included members from the legal consultant office and the audit office. He also praised the staff members of GCMHP for the hard work they do provide support for the Gazan society throughout the year.

On his part, Dr Abu Shahla also addressed the attendees, expressing his appreciation for the efforts exerted by the administration of GCMHP during its three-year stint of managing the organization. He also said than you for the members of the electoral committee of the board of directors, which is represented by Mr Raji Al-Sourani, Ms Amal Siyam, and Dr Maher Ayad.

Dr Abu Shahla briefed the members of the general assembly on the achievements done by the members of the BoDs over  last year as well as the challenges which they faced. He also referred to GCMHP’s ability to keep administrative stability and balance.  

Dr Majed Abu Ramadan, presented, in behalf of the secretary of the BoDs, Mr Abdelnaser Al-Saraj, the administrative report of 2020, through which he highlighted the activities of GCMHP based on the strategic goals and what had been achieved through providing different types of mental health interventions, capacity building and advocacy and campaigning.  

After that, Dr Abu Shahla, in behalf of the foundation treasurer, Mr Issa Al-Nahal, presented the financial report for the year 2020, which included the independent audit report.

The members of the general assembly expressed their appreciation for the efforts made by all those who work at GCMHP, and offered their feedback, after which the space was opened for discussion and questions.

At the end of the meeting the members of the general assembly approved  the adminisyratibve and financial reports and it was agreed to choose PricewaterhouseCoopers as an accredited accounting editor . in addition a new BoDs, consisting of 9 members in accordance with rules and regulation,  was elected.