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“GCMHP Provides Supervision Sessions for 'Sports-for-Smile' Coaches”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has provided group supervision sessions  for coaches from the 4 sports clubs which implement the GIZ-funded ‘Sports for smile project – phase 2’.


These clubs are Al-Ahli Sports Club of Beit Hanoun; Al-Hilah Club of Gaza; Al-Maghazi Services Club; and  Al-Hilah Club of Khan Younis.


The project targets 500 children (272 boys, and 225 girls)  from across the Gaza Strip, with the aim of improving their psychological wellbeing.


20 sports coaches (11 men, and 9 women) have received the group supervision sessions which are provided by Ms Rawya Haman, Director of Training and Scientific Research Department.


These sessions are designed to create a supportive and organized environment for professionals and workers so as they can reflect on the content and process of the work they do. In addition they aim at relieving the stress they face in their professional and personal lives.


The coaches showed good interaction during these sessions and had discussions on different issues they face at work and in their daily lives.


he coaches will complete 8 supportive supervision sessions at the end of October, 2021.