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“First Group of Supportive Supervision Sessions for Paramedics Is Held”


GCMHP has provided on Sunday, September 12, 2021, the first group supervision session for 30 paramedics.

The sessions are scheduled to be provided for 200 paramedics as part of Project ‘Provision of Specialized Mental Health Services to Boys, Girls, Women And Men with and without Disabilities who Affected by the Ongoing Crises In The Gaza Strip’.

The 30 paramedics were split in three groups of 10s, with the opening session being attended by all the groups.

Mr Rawya Hama, Director of Training and Scientific Research Department attended the opening session together with Dr Hani AlJafarawi, Head of Training and Development Department at the MoH.

Ms Hamam provided an introduction about the aim of the session and explained  how they will contribute  their professional development.

Dr Aljafarawi, on his part, thanked GCMHP for its interest in providing support for paramedics, who usually take the brunt of the stressful situations , describing this programme as part of the long-term cooperation between them.