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“Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Launces a Campaign on the Occasion of the World Mental Health Day”


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme kick-starta media campaign on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day, which falls on the 10th of October each year under the global theme "Mental Health for All: Let's Make It Reality".


This campaign includes the implementation of a number of media and awareness activities and events, including: holding a scientific meeting via zoom technology under the slogan “Mental Health for All: Let’s Make It A Reality”, implementing a radio episode entitled “The Impact of the Economic and Social Status on the Mental Health of Citizens” on Gaza FM Radio implementing a television episode on Palestine TV Today entitled "In light of crises. How to make mental health a reality", and publishing awareness posters on social media using hashtags:




It is worth noting that the campaign aims to raise awareness of community mental health issues, and how to reduce the effects of the current conditions on the mental health of citizens in the Gaza Strip, most notably the psychological effects of the Corona pandemic and the last offensive on the Gaza Strip and many other crises that have psychological effects on the residents of the Strip.

The campaign also aims to introduce various mental health services provided by the Gaza Mental Health Program in this context, and how these services can easily and quickly reach all levels of society.