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“Guidance Committee Convenes to Follow up on Project “Right to Mental Health””

Gaza Community Mental Health Program held its first Guidance Committee meeting on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, as part of project “Respect and Protect the Right to Mental Health for Women, Men, Girls and Boys with or without Disabilities, Survivors of Human Rights Violations,” which implemented in partnership with Women’s Affairs Center.

The meeting was attended by Mr Qusai Abu Odei, Director of the Department of Foreign Relations and Resources Development; Ms Alaa Al Baba, Project Coordinator; Ms. Maryam Ashour, Communication Coordinator at WAC. Also attended the meeting the executive directors of the five partner organizations: (Forsan Al-Ghad Youth Association, Sawaed Association for Relief and Development, Maghazi Community Rehabilitation Association, Charity Future Society, and Mojaddon Development Charity).

The participants discussed the progress of the project and the latest related achievements, in addition to the challenges faced during the first half of 2022, as well as the work plan during the second half of same year.

The meeting comes within the framework of the participatory planning, follow-up and evaluation work done over the implementation period of the project.

The project which lasts two years is funded by the European Union.