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“GCMHP Participates In Important International Psychodrama Conference”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme  has participated in an online psychodrama event organized by the International Mediterranean Psychodrama Association  - Switzerland.

Ms Rawya Hamam, Director of Training and Scientific Research Department at GCMHP delivered a speech, through which she talked about her organization’s history in psychodrama and how the approach was incorporated as one of the therapy techniques as early as 2002, highlighting the role of  the two international experts Dr Ursula Hauser and Dr. Maya Hess, who have been providing the psychodrama training since then.

During her speech, Ms Hamam spoke about the importance of psychodrama in building trust, strengthening relationships within the group, and breaking the isolation that the individual may suffer from as a result of the psychological pressures.

 “Integration and participation in the group, and the ability to share one’s feelings while sensing that one is part of this group and can relate to it can make one realize that he is not alone, but that there are others who can offer support, listen attentively and understand. This environment is necessary for enhancing one’s resilience and strengthen one’s ability to cope with challenges,” Ms Hamam said, over her participation.

Mrs. Hamam explained that psychodrama deals with psychological stigma indirectly through building trust in the group and helping the members discover that there is a lot in common between individuals, and that make it easier for them to seek help to solve their psychological and social problems.

 At the online conference, Ms Hamam extended her thanks and gratitude to the for Swiss International Medical Foundation for their “genuine  and continuous support for supporting the Palestinian people through build the capacities of specialists in the field of psychotherapy, especially psychodrama, and enabling them to provide the best psychological and social services to those who need them and promote the psychological well-being in the community.”

In 2017, 21 child psychodrama therapists from GCMHP and local and international NGOs were graduated from the German Institute – SCENEN. In June 2022,  15 psychodrama therapists, from GCMHP and other NGOs  were awarded memberships in International Mediterranean Psychodrama Association  which is affiliated with the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organization (FEPTO).