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“Delegation from ANERA Visits GCMHP To Arrange Cooperation in the Field of ‘Early Childhood’”

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A delegation from ANERA has visited on August 22, 2022 Gaza Community Mental Health Programme to discuss ways of cooperation and apartnership in the field of ‘Early Childhood’.

The delegation, which included Mr Suleiman Mleihat, Director of the Education Program and Ms Suad Lubbad from ANERA Foundation, met with Dr Yasser Abu Jameh, Director General, and Mr Qusay Abu Odei, Director of the Foreign Relations and Resource Development Department.

During the meeting Dr Abu Jamei briefed the delegation on the services and programmes, GCMHP conducts and the different levels of MHPSS interventions provided for Gaza community.

  After being introduced to each other’s  framework, the two sides discussed the possibility and mechanisms of arranging joint work in providing psychological and rehabilitation services to children in the Gaza Strip and the possibilities of developing a sustainable future partnership.