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“Bread for the World Visits GCMHP To Coordinate Joint Work”

A delegation from ‘Bread for the World’ Foundation has  visited on Thursday, March 17, 2022 Gaza Community Mental Health Program, with the aim of being updated on the psychological state of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip as well as the work process of interventions made as part of their joint cooperation with GCMHP.

The delegation included Mr Evelyn Ebert, Program Officer in the Middle East and North Africa; Mr Jens Halve, Director Programme Officer in the Caucasus and Central Asia; Mr  Francis Tanz, Financial Adviser; and Mr. Ahmed Al-Sourani, the Foundation’s local financial advisor.


They were met by Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General; Mr Qusai Abuodeh, Director of the External Relations and Resource Development Department; Mr Nael Mushtaha, Director of the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department; and Ms Rana Ayyad, Head of the Human Resources Unit; Ms Aisha Al-Basiouni, Head of Projects Unit; and Ms Islam Olwan, Head of Finance Unit.

At the beginning of their meeting, Dr Abu Jamei made a presentation on the services of the program, especially in emergencies, providing examples of the types of challenges which face the specialists and GCMHP’s plans  to deal with them.

The heads  of departments and units also briefed the delegation on work and roles of their departments do within the different targets of the different projects.

Following the meeting, which was held at the GCMHP headquarters, the delegation was taken on a tour in the headquarters' facilities to see the the practical delivery of the services provided to population.


The delegation then headed to the GCMHP Community Centre in Deir al-Balah, where they met with Dr Imad Abed, the Director of the centre, and a group of specialists and doctors who briefed the delegation on the center's activities, especially occupational therapy services.

Dr Abed also explained the stages of intervention followed with the cases and  the goal of applying the occupational therapy with some of these cases, elaborating on the effectiveness of this therapeutic technique in helping cases restore self-confidence and reintegrate in society.

At the end of the visit, the delegation thanked GCMHP for the serious effort it does to protect mental health and support the resilience of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip. Further meetings were coordinated to follow up the joint activities being implemented within the partnership between Bread for The World and GCMHP.