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“GCMHP Holds Technical Meeting with Partner Organizations”

Gaza Community Mental Health Program has held on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 a  meeting with 5 partner community-based organizations, with the aim of introducing Project ‘Respect and Protection of the Rights To Mental Health for Women, Men, Girls and Boys with and without Disabilities Victims/Survivors of Human Rights Violations in the Gaza Strip’.

These organisations were: Sawa’id Relief Society, Al-Maghazi Rehabilitation Society, Forsan Al-Ghad Youth Association, the Charitable Future Society, and  Mujaddoon Charitable Development Society. The meeting was attended by Mr Qusai Abuodeh, Director of the External Relations and Resource Development Department; Ms Aisha El-Basiouni, Head of Projects Unit; and Mrs Alaa Al-Baba, Project Coordinator.    

During the meeting roles and responsibilities were discussed and distributed between the partners based on the plan of the project.

The capacity building component was also discussed. 37 professionals from these five community-based organizations are to be trained on topics related to mental health, human rights, referral system, case detection, stress management and self-care. The training, which is part of the project, is designed to improve the capacities of the implementing organizations in order to guarantee the quality of the services provided.