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“Al Mezan Center For Human Rights Seeks Cooperation with GCMHP in Offering Professional Supervision for Its Staff”

Representing Al Mezan Center For Human Rights, Mr Sari Aqil has visited on Sunday 14, 2022 Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, with the aim of discussing the arrangements and mechanisms of providing a supportive professional supervision service for the employees of several departments in his organization.

Mr. Akil had a meeting with Dr Taysir Diab, Deputy Director General for Professional Affairs, Mr Qusai Abuodeh, Director of the Department of External Relations and Resource Development, and Ms Aisha Al Bassiouni, Head of Projects Unit, who explained the different professional and organizational parts of the supervision services.

Dr Diab explained some details related to the process supervision from a professional point of view, its applications and the target groups, sharing GCMHP’s experience in administering professional supervision sessions to its employees.

GCMHP has started providing its employees in both the professional and administrative fields with supervision sessions in the wake of the last military offensive against the Gaza Strip in May 2021 to support them professionally and psychologically and enable them to continue providing their quality services to the Palestinian community.

Al Mezan Center seeks to provide its employees in the Field Research Unit, the Legal Unit, and the Training Unit with supportive supervision sessions to help them manage the stressors they face during their work.