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“"Stress Management and Self-Care" Training Carried Out In Cooperation with UNRWA”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has carried out on March 28 and 29, 2022 two sessions of "Stress Management and Self-Care", in cooperation with UNRWA. The sessions, 4 hours each, were attended by 30 female professional and administrative workers at the UNRWA Department of Relief and Social Services.

The sessions were carried out by psychologist  Aida Kassab, and the psychologist Kholoud Abu Hajeer from GCMHP Gaza Community Center.  

Ms Maysa Jarour, Reporting and Information Officer at the UNRWA Relief and Social Services Programme attended the opening session which was delivered by both Dr Muhammad Al-Zeer, Head of the Academic Programme Unit; and  Ms Inas Jodeh, Head of Training and Capacity Building Unit.  

Ms  Jaarour, On behalf of the Relief and Social Services Program, expressed her thanks and gratitude for GCMHP’s effort in supporting the organizations that serve the civil society, explaining the value of the stress management training sessions and their impact on the professional performance of the employees as well as on personal lives.  

The two sessions included warm-up exercises, stress relief activities,  concepts of psychological stress, mechanisms of dealing with sources of psychological stress, and the concept of self-care.  

At the end of the two training, the participants shared their feedback about the value of what they have learned on the personal and professional levels and also shared their experiences in applying the stress management techniques at work and in their families.