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“DG participates in Webinar on the Impact of Blocakde’s on MH”

Dr Yasser Abu jamei, Director General of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, has participated on Wednesday, 25 May, 2022 in in a webinar on the situation in Gaza after 15 years of blockade.

The webinar, organized by  Anera  organization, was held under the title "Gaza: 15 Years Under Siege". Other experts from different organization were also hosted in the webinar, through which they shared knowledge and information about the impact of the blockade on the Gaza Strip from different aspects.

Dr Abu Jamei made a presentation about  the mental health state of Gaza population and how the different factors resulting from the blockade and the political situation strained the psychological wellbeing of people to unprecedented extents. He also explained GCMHP’s effort to meet the significant increase on MH services.