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“MSF Delegation Visits GCMHP for Cooperation”

A delegation from Médecins du Monde visited on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme in order to arrange for professional cooperation and to be introduced to the mechanisms of mental health and psychosocial support interventions , especially the supportive professional supervision service.

The delegation was received by Dr Tayseer Diab, Deputy Director-General for Professional Affairs, and Mr Qusay Abu Odeh, Director of the Department of External Relations and Resources. The delegation included Mrs Marwa Qassem, Head of Mission in Médecins du Monde Belgium; Ms  Isabelle Kraml, Mental Health Coordinator at MSF; and Mr Sohaib Safi, Medical Coordinator. They were also accompanied by Ms Ampaizo Villasnil, Mental Health Activities Maneger in Médecins du Monde Spain.


At the beginning of the meeting, Dr Diab introduced the concept of professional supervision, its objectives, application and effects on the performance of workers, sharing GCMHP’s in this field.


For his part, Mr Abu Odeh briefed the delegation  on GCMHP’s services and its interventions, especially in emergency and crisis situations.

A follow-up meeting was arranged to put the work plan for the two organizations.