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“GCMHP and PHR Implement Training Activities in Cooperation with Ministry of Health”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has held on Thursday, June 23, 2022 a series of specialized mental health training sessions in the Gaza Strip in cooperation with Physicians for Human Rights, and the Palestinian Ministry of Health - the General Department of Health.

The sessions were delivered by a delegation of psychiatrists, mental health experts and doctors from Physicians for Human Rights.

The delegation, headed by Dr. Salah Hajj Yahya, provided training in Wechsler Scale, Woodcock Johnson test, and Traumatic Incident Reduction for mental health professionals  from GCMHP and the Ministry of Health.

These training sessions have been regularly held since December 2020, and are occasionally organized together with free medical days that are also provided by physicians with different specializations at medical centres in different areas across the Gaza Strip.