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“Psychological Evaluation and Case Formulation Training Provided for MH professionals and Students”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has recently held a training day on ‘Psychological Evaluation and Clinical Case Formulation’, targeting the students of Higher Community Mental Health Diploma anda group of GCMHP specialists.


The training was delivered by Mr Mohammad Mukheimar, who holds a master’s degree in mental health from the UK and is currently working as a specialist and psychological supervisor in the Mental Health Services Foundation in Cambridge, UK, and a training director and lecturer in the international training services of the same institution.


The training day covered several topics, including: ‘The Biopsychosocial Model in Evaluation Process of Clinical Case’; the ‘Importance of Focusing on Examining Psychological and Social Aspects along with Other Biological Factors in Obtaining Holistic Understanding of the Problem that a Person is Experiencing’, as well as the ‘Repercussions of the Initial Stressful Experiences Lived by a Person In Childhood and Its Future Consequences on Mental and Physical Health of Humans’.

In addition, the 5p's model in the formulation of psychological problems – which includes the identification of predisposing and precipitating factors, perpetuating factors, and protective factors – was applied during the training.

The training day included an exploration of a clinical case, a practical application of the previous model, and a formulation of the problem written in different ways, including the narrative method.

For their part, the participants expressed their satisfaction and appreciation to the trainer and for the valuable information they were provided with.